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Taekwondo or Tae Kwon Do is a Korean Martial Art, characterized mainly by kicking and punching techniques, with very little emphasis on foot-long yells, turning, or leaping kicks. Literally translated into English, the translation for taekwondo is"the method of kicking,""punching", or"that the practice of kicking." This martial art was made in ancient Korea and taught to Korean martial artists as part of a physical education system. While it isn't widely known in the USA, there are many Tae Kwon Do colleges, including ones in California, Texas, and Florida.

Taekwondo can be considered a refined form of Wing Chun, the well-known Korean martial arts. Pupils of Tae Kwon Do learn striking and kicking from a very young age, and are taught a strong self-control and respect for the physical strengths of their opponent. Tae Kwon Do pupils are taught how to properly counter and block shouts from other martial arts colleges and street fighters. The strikes themselves are very light, relying largely on the strength of the legs. Most students have a high amount of hand-eye coordination and are able to utilize various kicks and punching techniques.

Because of its focus on kicks and strikes, a few martial arts fans have produced Tae Kwon Do a sort of Korean Karate, employing the kicks and strikes in their own unique styles. Taekwondo was introduced to the West in the late 1960's by Park, who was an American college student who'd obtained an interest in the martial arts after viewing Chinese soldiers instruction. He educated a small group of people for many months and then formed his own school. It wasn't long before it was opened to the general public and is presently known as Tae Kwon Do.

Taekwondo evolved into a ferocious martial art due to its emphasis on close fight and mobility, in addition to its focus on building strength and endurance through using kicks and punches. It uses many forms of attacks, including throwing punches, flying kicks, spinning kicks and blocks. Some moves are based on Chinese weaponry, like the tiger claw or even the square attack. Others are motivated by Western weaponry, such as the hammer fist or hooking fingers.

Taekwondo also teaches pupils how to fight with their bodies in addition to their arms. It can be practiced in bare hands with punching bags, or with padded gauntlets and even weapons like sticks. Taekwondo weapons aren't confined to bladed weapons, though. In some types, such as sparring, a Taekwondo practitioner can utilize only his feet and hands for protection, while at other types he can use any available weapon. This provides martial artists a wide range of flexibility.

Taekwondo is not a class that you ought to take just as it's fun. It isn't a"girl's night out" and shouldn't be thought of as a rivalry between man gymnasts. It does not matter if you are taking a Taekwondo course to feel more powerful, or to learn self-defense techniques, or to get into better physical shape, Taekwondo training ought to be a serious undertaking that helps you develop and evolve. It should form part of your life, instead of a temporary diversion.

Self-awareness is essential when it comes to martial arts. In Taekwondo that this is especially significant, as many forms are concentrated on developing strength, speed and balance, as well as body awareness and psychological sharpness. If you wish to become a fantastic fighter, you have to look closely at your mind and body. This can be accomplished in martial arts via routine exercise, but you can also achieve it through mediation, that's the calmness and internal control one accomplishes through introspection. This helps with concentration, in addition to the ability to remain calm and in control of oneself.

Ultimately, Taekwondo training can help you build confidence, discipline and respect for others. The Taekwondo professional is in control of their mind, body and spirit, and they are never afraid to show it. Any martial arts student should be proud to be wearing a uniform and fighting for their country, as they are always fighting to be the best. So, consider Taekwondo for your next class, or begin today!